What I accomplished today

This was a bit of a breakthrough day for me, as I am starting to “get it” when it comes to all this newfangled internet stuff.  The abundance of unfamiliar terms is becoming less intimidating (until you’ve gotten into this subject, words like “wiki,” “widget,” “discus,” even “TELS” have no meaning or alternate ones).  In the past, I have often relied on others to do some of the technology tweaking so that I didn’t have to learn the systems, but if I am going to reach out to students in new, very promising learning environments, then learning how to navigate and take control myself is both essential and liberating.  I have to learn to control the potential for personal frustration and take some credit for actually figuring  something out at times.  It will be essential to keep at this; it needs to be used to be retained.  For the first time, I actually got the sense that Twitter might have some value (I remain an open agnostic–or is that redundant?).  OK, back to trying to apply watermarks to photos!


One response to “What I accomplished today

  1. That is great Walt. Having someone from Precott College there was huge for me! Thanks.

    These are promising learning environments. Some folks feel they are environments that compete with our natural non-electrical environmental. I don’t see it that way. I think they are both opportunities to be used well. Balance in all things.

    When we get the CyberSalon going we can do a Twitter session. If you are there I will turn you to the dark side….

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