SCC Showcase

Looks like Scottsdale Community College has set up a WordPress network called SCC Showcase to offer blogs to departments, groups and certificate programs.  The blogs are embedded somehow in the SCC website frame.

All of the blogs were established in 2011, starting in April, so this must be a brand-new project.  It doesn’t look like a lot of people have added anything to their sites yet which is kind of disappointing.  Not even the Graphic Design program?  Hey, their college GIVES them a WordPress site; they should be grateful!  There are a couple of developed sites, such as the Audio Production Technologies and the GLBTQ group Equality Maricopa SCC-Core.  But it will be interesting to see what, if anything, others make of their sites.  It’s something to keep an eye on, certainly.


2 responses to “SCC Showcase

  1. Interesting. The header and footer are just added to the default templates generated when the blogs are created. Even the main page still has the “just another wordpress blog” on it so they are definitely just figuring it out.

    Good find. maybe we can get there.

  2. I’m meeting next Monday, the 24th, with Greg, Clint and Patrick re: WordPress Install. It would be handy if I had info or requests from members of the YC Worldpress Users group about what we’d like the college to do.

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