People I Admire: Educators Who Write

I have been following Jabiz Raisdana for about  year. I met him in a class I was taking called ds106. It is/was/will forever be a class about digital storytelling. Our medium of communication was Twitter and blog comments. He wrote a lot about his teaching experiences. He was a great role model. He still is. This morning I read his most recent post and it sent me on a short journey into the world of assessment and communication and value of educational artifacts.

So here in the WordPress Users space I share his blog because he uses the digital medium well. He uses it as a place to reflect and to share ideas. He uses it as a place to solicit ideas form others. He uses it to communicate.

He also uses it to share his world and the things he had done. When I imagine the teacher who engages in leveraging this digital environment one of the ways a teacher can do that is to share course content. Another way is to share the challenges and wonders they face in the world we live in.

Jabiz, the time and energy you chose to share with the many who have read your  thoughts continues to amaze me. Thanks!


One response to “People I Admire: Educators Who Write

  1. Wow! Todd. Thank you so much. Feels nice to know there are people out their listening, especially on days when you feel down. Teaching and learning is really like a roller coaster. Your post made my day and gave me the strength to buck up and fight the good fight.

    Thanks again.

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